(Video) Welcome to Slasher High

This Music Video Features All Your Fave Modern Horror Icons…in High School


Check out this  teen slasher romantic high school comedy music video for “Social Mediasochist” by Chicago Band, Common Shiner

In this romcom video about a high school for horror icons, a teenager Jason Voorhees has a crush. On a girl named Carrie. But she’s with the coolest guy in school — Michael Myers. Everybody’s favorite momma’s boy just needs some confidence, and with a little help from his bro Freddy Krueger, makes an impression.  That doesn’t make Myers or his posse of Leatherface and Pinhead happy, though.

Mayhem, and humor, ensues as the teenage slashers get ready for “The Slash Dance.”

Make sure you stick around for the post-credits scene:

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