(VIDEO) “There’s Evil In The Wood” Watch the Trailer for THE WITCH

Old Fashioned Tension-Building Still Works in Horror – Here’s Proof

Horror films about witches are about as old as witchcraft itself. Or at least as old as the horror genre. But director Robert Eggers’  The Witch is unlike any witch movie you’ve seen before. The flick, which scared the bejeezus out of audiences at Sundance this year, follows a Puritan family in 17th century New England as they try to build a life on the edge of a forest believed to be occupied by—yes‐witches.

Set decades before the Salem witch trials, The Witch follows a devout Christian family who come to New England to start a new life. However, they seem to be cursed at every turn — their crops fail, and their infant son goes missing. Fear and dread begin to plague the family, as they grow increasingly suspicious of one another. And, really, is there more horrific than that? Wait and see.

Watch the Trailer below:

The Witch (2016) Official Trailer by Movies Trailers

What’s your opinion of this trailer?  Are you excited about this movie? Share your thoughts below.

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