(Video) Top 10 Worst Zombie Movies

We May Have Reached Zombie Movie Saturation

Nazies at the Center of the Earth

The thing about zombie movies is this; they don’ have to cost a lot to make. Heck, these days, you can just film a zombie pub-crawl and you’ve got your ‘herd’ footage in the can. No cgi or expensive transformation needed.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; George Romero perfected the craft with the original modern zombie movie that started it all Night of the Living Dead which he made for $114,000 way back in 1968.

The other truth is that big budgets don’t fix bad movies.  That’s what 2 Resident Evil sequels made this list.

So, once you’ve see all the good zombie films – and there are ALOT of them – here’s a list of zombie movies you don’t need to see…unless you’re a fan of really bad movies:

Did your favorite ‘bad’ zombie movie make the list? If not, share it with us:

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