(VIDEO) KISS Demon Lists His Fave Elevated Horror’ Movies — Here’s #3

Gene Simmons Counts Down His Top 5 Elevated Horror Films


The Demon is his on-stage persona and he breathes fire, spits blood and wags his elongated tongue as he performs with his band, KISS.  It’s no surprise that Simmons, known for being highly opinionated, has strong opinions about horror movies.  In recent Rolling Stone interview, Simmons listed his top 5 ‘elevated’ horror films and offered explanations for each on his list.

Here’s his #3 favorite:

3. Village of the Damned (1960)

Simmons explains his affection for this film and why he considers it ‘elevated’ horror:

“It has all these blue-eyed, blonde little children who aren’t really from here. George Sanders plays the father who eventually has to lead the children to try to save society, after a meteor passes, and all of a sudden every female in the town is pregnant. I think that’s an amazing opening for a movie, and it’s smart.”

Courtesy of Rolling Stone

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