(VIDEO) Is ‘The Final Girls’ This Generation’s ‘Scream’?

Self-Aware Meta-Horror Comedy Looks Hilarious


Humorous horror movies have been their own subgenre well before Scream, but Scream was the first full-on horror movie parody. In Scream (and later, in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and Cabin in the Woods), the protagonists were aware that they were living la vida horror. But in The Final Girl, the protags find themselves trapped within the movie itself.  But only here do we see one of the main characters try to take a selfie with the psycho-killer.


The horror-comedy stars American Horror Story’s Taissa Farmiga as Max, the daughter of a dead scream queen (played by Malin Ackerman), who takes her friends to a screening of her mom’s most well-known movie. Max and her friends — who include Dobrev, Silicon Valley‘s Thomas Middleditch and Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat — get magically pulled into the movie’s world, and that’s when things get scary.

They also get extremely meta.

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Like Cabin In the Woods and ScreamThe Final Girl explores formualic horror movie tropes — the titular “final girl” refers to the (often virginal) girl who’s still alive at the end. As Jamie Kennedy warned in Scream, having sex is the fast-track to getting slaughtered in a slasher flick.  So obviously, the characters in The Final Girl have sex and break every other rule of surviving a horror fil

Note: The Final Girls is not to be confused with the 2014 film The Final Girl, which is a straight up horror film.

Watch the official trailer right here:

What do you think? Do like this sub-genre of horror and do you think The Final Girl will be as good as it’s predecessors, Scream and The Cabin in the Woods? Sound off below:

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