(VIDEO) Horror For the Whole Family

Goosebumps Movie Trailer Gives Us All-Family Horror Comedy

If you are an 80’s kid onward, chances are good your first exposure to horror was R.L. Stine‘s Goosebumps books and TV shows.  These stories still pack a punch as my kids have discovered them and been simultaneously horrified and awestruck.

The Goosebumps movie is coming this October and my family will definitely be adding this to our month of Halloween activities.  The addition of Jack Black will kick up the comedy, which makes sense in an all-ages monster romp — as a fan of the Horror Comedy genre (Evil Dead, anyone?) there’s no reason this movie can’t have it both ways– plenty of scares and lots of laughs.

The trailer premiered at Comic-Con last week and looks like we’re going to have a full-fledged Monster Rally featuring Goosebumps‘ greatest hits

Watch the trailer here:

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