The Most Profitable Movies Since 2010 are All Horror… But #1 Will Surprise You

2. Insidious 

ROI: $100M box office from $1.5M budget

Year of Release: 2011


1. The Devil Inside

ROI: $101M box office from $1M budget

Year of Release: 2012

The movie with the highest percentage of profit since 2010 is The Devil Inside?! I mean, I liked that film and all, but that’s kinda unexpected!



The rest of the top 10 are The Last Exorcism ($70M from $1.8M), Annabelle ($250M from $6.5M), Chernobyl Diaries ($38M from $1M), Insidious 2 ( $162M from $5M) and The Purge ($91M from $3M). Following closely on from the top ten are Sinister ($87M from $3M), Paranormal Activity ($140M from $5M) and Ouija ($103M from $5M).

Have you seen all of the most profitable horror movies since 2010?

Courtesy of Moviepilot

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