The Demon’s #2 Fave Elevated Horror Movie

As Gene Simmons prepares to produce and release a series of ‘elevated’ horror films, he provided Rolling Stone with a list of his top 5 and explanations for each.

While M isn’t technically horror, it deals with horrible subject matter and is well worth the review that the KISS bassist gives it.

Stream the entire movie for free here:

2. M (1931)

“It’s German expressionist film directed by Fritz Lang that broached pedophilia. Peter Lorre played a crazed madman who killed and molested children and all kinds of other stuff, and there was a child playing with a ball in one scene when she meets Lorre’s character. Even more horrific than anything else after she disappears, the camera shows the ball rolling down a hill until it finally stops moving. Your mind takes over, and does much more horrific things then the screen can. I think being obvious and throwing blood and guts at the screen is stupid.”

Courtesy of Rolling Stone

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