Sideshow Collectibles New Horror Line is Incredible

Sideshow Collectibles Returns to it’s Horror Roots


Sideshow Collectibles started way back when with a line of the classic Universal Monsters that are beloved by collectors to this day and they’re making their triumphant return with a collection of Premium Format™ Figures featuring the icons of modern horror.

Watch the video and then scroll down to preview the new collection.

Sideshow Premium Format™ Figures are limited edition statues that stand around 20″ on their bases and weigh more than 20 pounds.  These are your Toys’r’us action figures but pieces of art worthy of the iconic characters they represent.

The following two figures are available now for pre-order:

Hellraiser Pinhead Hellraiser Premium Format(TM) Figure

Will ship in 2015:

Capturing Doug Bradley’s unforgettable performance as the cult horror icon, Sideshow’s artists have summoned the sadistic leader of the Cenobites with delightfully chilling realism. Cold arrogance etched across his pale and mutilated visage, Pinhead is a gruesome portrait of eternal pain, in an authentically tailored replica of his striking black costume, complete with gory hooks and piercings

Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees – Legend of Crystal Lake Friday the 13th Premium Format(TM) Figure

Will ship in 2016:

In a figure inspired by Friday the 13th Part III, the cold-blooded killer of Crystal Lake is on the loose once again, wearing his signature hockey mask. Hunched and holding his blood-soaked machete, Jason lurches over a base decorated with effigies of his most recent teenage victims hidden among gnarled branches. Available only as part of the Sideshow Exclusive edition, additional swap-out display options (an unmasked portrait of the deformed maniac and an additional hand with his wicked harpoon gun) complete the homage.

In addition, Sideshow has announced two more figures that are not yet available for pre-order:

Freddy Krueger – Terror of Dreams Premium Format™ Figure


1…2…Freddy’s coming for you…

The demon that terrorizes the dreams of many will be returning to bring new nightmares!  Sideshow Collectibles Freddy Krueger – Terror of Dreams Premium Format™ Figure is coming soon for Nightmare on Elm Street fans!

Leatherface Premium Format™ Figure


Sideshow Collectibles is excited to announce that a Texas Chainsaw Massacre collectible will be sawing your way soon! The Leatherface Premium Format™ Figure will be revealed in the future to join other iconic horror figures

For more information, visit Sideshow Collectibles at Sideshow Collectibles Spooktacular

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