Scream Through Your Summer with These Classic Summer-Themed Horror Films!

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Well who are we to get in your way.  Let’s continue our countdown for our top summer-themed horror movies:

2) The Evil Dead

If you haven’t seen this film, I am so sad at you (that’s what I say when I’m mad at my dog, because I can’t be angry but I’m very disappointed). Therefore: go watch this film RIGHT after you read this. I’m serious.

One of the most classic horror films…well, ever…Evil Dead is the story of a group of young adults vacationing at a cabin in the woods. (See above, does anything good ever come of a group of friends at a cabin in the woods?) Everything’s going great until someone stumbles across a book made out of skin…

And that book of skin sends a bunch of Deadites after the group, turning them into crazy, creepy zombie/demon versions of themselves.

I’m talking about the original Evil Dead, by the way, loves. There was one made recently that was sort of deemed a “remake”, however nothing is more classic than the original.

This one is gory, fun, kind of campy, and all-around magical.

(VIDEO) Watch Ash Vs The Evil Dead Trailer

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1) Friday the 13th

This classic franchise highlighting our favorite slasher in a hockey mask (Jason Voorhees, of course!) is all about summer camp. Literally. When a group of teenagers attempts to open up an old, closed-down campground known as Camp Crystal Lake with a history of bad water, fires, drowning, and murders, you can only imagine that they’re going to see some crazy stuff.

Grossing about $40,000,000 in the US box office at the time of its release, Friday the 13th redefined the fear of summer camp. Introducing a new type of killer in a mask, Jason became one of the most iconic horror characters of all time. I mean, honestly, who DOESN’T know who Jason is?

This is the quintessential summer horror film: slasher stalking a camp full of teenagers. There’s so much more to it than that (as I’m sure most of you know) but make this one your next film before you and your friends leave for camp, on the next rainy night this summer…anytime!

Happy camping, my horror fiends! Until next time, I’ll be making S’mores and watching all the bloody goodness unfold.

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Did your favorite summer-horror movie make this list? Share it with us and we’ll include it when we update this list in the future.


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