Scream Through Your Summer with These Classic Summer-Themed Horror Films!

Welcome to summer, horror fans!


Awe summer…a time for camping in the back woods, sleep away camp and…serial killer mayhem!

Our first excursion of the summer is going to be how to survive the season. No, that doesn’t mean stay hydrated. That means I have a list of films I need you to watch before we get our summer of insanity started!

5) Tourist Trap

I never said they were all going to be about camp! Tourist Trap is a classic tale of a bunch of teenagers on a road trip…but they break down. In front of an old “abandoned” museum. Where the creepy owner controls his mannequins.

In short: RUN. Also, make sure that your vehicle is in top traveling condition before road-tripping because as horror fans, we know a broken down RV never ends well.



4) Cabin In the Woods

This is another road-tripping adventure story, but this time, they’re hanging out at a…you guessed it…cabin in the woods! What could go wrong? They’ve got a lake, they’ve got their gorgeous cabin, they’ve got beautiful summer weather…wait, what? Are you trying to tell me nothing good can come from that?

You get your stereotypical horror characters, but here’s the best part: it’s done intentionally. I won’t tell you why, but what I will tell you is that this is one of my favorite horror films of all time.

There’s truth or dare, smoking out of a coffee mug, and plenty of crazy monsters!

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3) Sleepaway Camp

Considered one of the creepiest cult-classic films among horror fans, Sleepaway Camp tells the story of quiet, shy Angela Baker who gets sent away to summer camp with her cousin. Shortly after, some truly awful stuff starts to happen.

This film has one of the most insane twists as an ending; if I told you what it was, you wouldn’t even believe me. So watch it, let me know what you think, and make sure you keep an eye out while you’re at camp.



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