(List) Ranking the Hellraiser Franchise from Best to Worst

Hellraiser Films: From Best to Worst


With the release of the uber box set Hellraiser: The Scarlet Gospels, The Clive Barker Podcast has released their best to worst list  of all the Hellraiser films.  They make it clear that only the first 4 movies count within the actual Hellraiser series, but acknowledging that the direct-to-video series has a lot of fans, they decided to include them in their list.

9. Hellraiser: Inferno

I know a lot of fans enjoy Hellraiser: Inferno, and from a technical standpoint it’s not a bad movie. But the movie a crossed a big line when it made Pinhead a moralist. The Hellraiser universe doesn’t care if you’re a bad person or not. That’s just the way the rules were set. And that’s why put this at the end of the list.

8. Hellworld

There isn’t much worth talking about concerning Hellworld.

well then…moving on….

7. Hellraiser Revelations

I’m not going to comment on this film other than to say I applaud everyone involved in this production, especially director Victor Garcia and screenwriter  Gary J. Tunnicliffe, for having the balls to make a film basically for peanuts. I wish the results would’ve been better but I don’t blame them. And I’ve never felt so bad for an actor like the poor guy who had to take over the role of Pinhead. What a horrible position to be in. But I rank this higher on my list because at least it tried to bring back some of the original elements from the first film. 

6. Hellraiser: Deader

Should’ve been made into the original film it was supposed to be. All the Hellraiser material feels thrown into the story just so they could make another Hellraiser movie. It did have one disturbing scene though but I won’t give it away here. Also, actress Kari Wuhrer did give a great performance in her role, but this film just squanders like a lost animal until the end credits.

5. Hellraiser: Hellseeker

Probably the best out of the direct-to-video bunch. Mainly because it was nice to see Ashley Laurence back as Kirsty, and I really enjoyed the darker turn the character took at the end. The scene where she strikes a bargain with Pinhead reminded me of the earlier films which was nice. Some of the new cenobites were cool too, the Surgeon being my favorite. And Rick Bota (who would take over the franchise as director) gave the film a cold and bluish look that I really enjoyed. The main problem with the movie is the main character Trevor. I knew right off the bat that this guy was a scumbag. He deserved what he got in the end. Overall it’s an average film at best that doesn’t capture the essence of what makes a true Hellraiser film work.

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