(Videos) Kiss’ Gene Simmons Top 5 Favorite ‘Elevated’ Horror Movies

And The Demon Rocker’s All-Time Favorite Elevated Horror Movie IS:


1. Psycho (1960)

Psycho is a wonderful, elevated horror film, and it doesn’t necessarily have monsters or ghosts,” Simmons says. “You ever see Psycho? I’m embarrassed to say that there are people out there who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Shame on them. It’s interesting to note Psycho had murders and all this kind of wacky stuff but you never saw a knife go into a body. You never saw a body actually bleed. I think that made it even more horrific. Sometimes the scariest things are what human beings are capable of.”

courtesy of Rolling Stone

Intrigued to see what Simmons’ take on ‘elevated horror’ is? Sound off below:

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