(Videos) Kiss’ Gene Simmons Top 5 Favorite ‘Elevated’ Horror Movies

The Singer-Bassist Recently Revealed His Favorite “Elevated” Horror MoviesGene-Simmons-Kiss-Blood

When Gene Simmons and WWE Studios announced they had teamed to make what they called “elevated” horror movies, the word “elevated” raised some eyebrows – and not in a Vincent Price kind of way. So Rolling Stone spoke with Kiss’ resident Demon to find out just what he meant. “It’s not gonna be slasher films and gore, because the easy way out is the cheap, stupid stuff,” he says. “Texas Chainsaw? That’s fine. Fine for some people. Not my style.”

Although Simmons is a fan of A Nightmare on Elm Street, he thinks making “blood and guts” films is too easy. “Horror just means you get the bejesus scared out of you, and I think there are some good modern examples,” he says. “Insidious was a great film.”

Here are Simmons’ five favorite “elevated” horror films, starting with #5:

5. The Omen (1976)

“It stars Gregory Peck and Lee Remick as a couple who gives birth to the Bad Guy’s son. And how do you know? Well, he’s got 666 somewhere on his skull, and you got to move the hairs apart. I mean, it’s just very scary stuff, but when you really think about it, not a lot of blood and gore. There’s a scene where a guy is walking with the intent of hurting [the son, Damien], and then all of a sudden the truck rolls down a hill and decapitates the guy. You’re kind going, ‘What the Hell?’ And layer after layer of the story peel away until finally, later on, you understand.”

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