Is Doug Jones the Perfect Actor to Reprise Freddy Krueger?

Then Sign the Petition to Warner Brothers to Make it Happen!


Nightmare on Elm Street uber-fan Mark Petrie from Salt Lake City, UT, has created a petition posted over at asking Warner Brothers/New Line Cinema to cast Doug Jones as the new Freddy Krueger.

The Studio announced plans to relaunch the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise in August 2015.

The petition examines the recent attempt to revive the franchise with Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy and goes on to state that Robert Englund has publicly stated that he isn’t interested in reprising his most famous role.  It goes on to state that the goal shouldn’t be to replace Englund but rather to create a new Freddy for a new generation and to continue the legacy he created.  Their conclusion: Doug Jones is the ideal actor to carry the role forward:

Doug is widely known throughout Hollywood as one of the premier character actors. He has appeared in various productions while donning layers of makeup and costumes. Doug NAILS IT every single time. But “Dougie” isn’t just a fantastic character actor. He is an amazing actor in general. Doug has appeared in numerous roles throughout his career, be them big-budget productions or small independent films. Doug has played striking characters in Pan’s Labyrinth (the Faun & the Pale Man), Abe Sapien in the Hellboy films, the ever-so-creepy Gentleman in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and so many more.

Doug’s physical presence on screen is captivating and striking. As a contortionist, his ability to manipulate his body to maximize visual characteristics of his characters is second to none. Freddy Krueger is a nightmarish figure. Freddy’s on-screen presence should be captivating and terrifying. Without a doubt, a man with many talents like Doug can pull this off. If Doug’s small role as the Pale Man made Stephen King “squirm like crazy” in his seat, Doug can once again make Freddy truly haunting and memorable.

Doug has both the acting chops and the physical talent to make Freddy Krueger absolutely terrifying once again and it’s time to give him the opportunity.


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It’s a strong and compelling argument and, while fans can argue that the film shouldn’t be rebooted at all, that’s up to New Line Cinema  Jones is clearly the leading practical effects actor of our generation and I fully support the idea to petition the studio to cast the role with the actor fans want – so if you support this idea, sign the petition over at


What do you think? Is Jones a good choice to play Freddy? Share your thoughts with us, pro or con, in the comments section below.

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