How Would YOU Die in a Horror Movie? Find Out…

Still Singing the Post-Halloween Blues? We’ve Got the Cure!

Just take this nifty quiz to find out how you would die in a horror movie.  First initial of your first, middle and last names in each of the three columns and – Poof! You’re DEAD.  In the quiz, anyway.

I, for example, would be killed by ‘Video Tape” on the “London Eye” by the “Night of the Living Dead Zombies.”  Now THAT is a horror movie I’d like to see!

How about you?

Click on the infographic below for a larger image and be sure to share the means of your demise with us in the comments section below – have fun!

How Would You Die in a Horror Movie Quiz

Don’t forget to share how you die with us!

Courtesy of Red Star Fancy Dress

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