Gene Simmons’ Favorite Elevated Horror Movie (#4)

The Demon Rocker Explains “Elevated” Horror and Lists His All-Time Favorites

371734 01: Bass player Gene Simmons of the rock group ''KISS'' performs live, June 27, 2000 at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by George De Sota/Liaison)

It’s not surprising that Gene Simmons, the fire-breathing, blood-spitting self-proclaimed ‘God of Thunder’ bassist/singer for KISS is a horror fan and most know that he’s also the ultimate business mind in rock music.  He recently announced his plans to combine his passions and produce a series of ‘elevated’ horror movies that rely on fear rather than blood and guts.  He sat down with Rolling Stone magazine to explain what ‘Elevated’ horror means and listed his 5 favorite Elevated Horror movies of all time.

From, here’s his fourth choice:


4. The Exorcist (1973)

“The step-by-step horrific setup of the film is just great filmmaking. The movie starts, and you’re on a movie set, and this actress is bringing her daughter along with her to Boston, because she has broken up with her husband. So while she’s busy working, [actress] Linda Blair is at home, doing whatever, except the home is haunted, and eventually the evil spirit, a demon takes over her, and her mom doesn’t believe in it. Sure, you get the punch in the gut and the kick in the nuts when her head spins around and she spits out pea soup and everybody just flips out, but leading up to that is a very well-written script. It’s easy to do the action sequences. You sit down, and say, ‘OK, we’re gonna have a head pop off here, and then I’m gonna have a ghost dive off somebody’s ass, and use them like a hand puppet.’ OK, I get it. Those are all gonna be good hand-puppet scary moves, but what’s the script? You have to care about the characters, and stuff. That’s what we mean by elevated.”

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