(List) 20 Must-See German Horror Movies

8. Nekromantik (1987)


Don’t let the title fool you – there’s absolutely nothing “romantic” about this German freak show. Well, unless you consider a married couple’s decision to spice up their sex life by swinging with a rotting corpse to be the stuff of Danielle Steele novels.

Robert (Bernd Daktari Lorenz) works as part of a crew that cleans up the mess after road accidents. It may not sound like a great job but it does allow Robert and his girlfriend Betty (Beatrice Manowski) to indulge in their unhealthy habit of using dead body parts in their sex life. However, after Robert brings home a whole cadaver and subsequently loses his job, Betty loses interest in him and takes off with her new partner to indulge in whatever debauched antics she feels like, leaving Robert alone with his mind spiralling dangerously out of control.

You can call it a love story if you like but ostensibly Nekromantik is a film designed solely to shock, and it does just that. As the cherry on top of this horrific sundae, director Jörg Buttgereit ends Rob’s misery by having him masturbate and stab himself as he climaxes. It isn’t exactly an enjoyable film but, at the same time, if you’re a fan of this stuff it’s a must-see.

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