(List) The 20 Best Italian Horror Films of All Time

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Continuing our look at the gory and great sub-genre of Italian Horror films with our top 10:

10. Beyond the Darkness (1979)

Beyond the Darkness 1979
Director: Joe D’Amato
Stars: Kieran Canter, Cinzia Monreale, Franca Stoppi, Sam Modesto

Not one to watch whilst eating, this nasty little cannibal movie chugs along at a good pace and director Aristide Massaccesi keeps the nastiness going throughout, with scenes of torture, necrophilia and body dissolving, it’s not subtle but what it is is extremely well made and has the feel of an arthouse movie mixed with Hershell Gordon lewis splatter. Definately one for the avant garde gore fan. Highlight, The Jogger gets her insides played with.


9. The House of the Laughing Windows (1976)

The House of the Laughing Windows 1976
IMDB Rating 7.1/10
Director: Pupi Avati
Stars: Lino Capolicchio, Francesca Marciano, Gianni Cavina, Giulio Pizzirani

Pupi Avati’s most memorable excursion into horror is undoubtedly an accuired taste as it’s pacing is slow and it’s plot not too forthcoming but what can’t be denied is the films ability to suck you into it’s strange other-worldliness. Not a straight forward Giallo as at times the atmosphere strains of the supernatural but the overall effect is queasy and very satisfying. Highlight, The shock ending


8. Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (1981)

Burial Ground: Nights of Terror 1981
IMDB Rating 5.6/10
Director: Andrea Bianchi
Stars: Karin Well, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Simone Mattioli, Antonella Antinori

Ok so this doesn’t win any points for cinematic brilliance or anything technically superior but this incredibly frantic and silly zombie movie has everything thats good about Italian Gore movies of the seventies & early eighties (and alas everything thats bad aswell) Appalling dialogue, non-sensical plotting, strange looking people and zombies that only seem to have decayed around the head area but Burial Ground is Ridiculously entertaining and a great example of how low budgets don’t neccassarly mean a poor end product. If you like this kind of thing, their aren’t many better or funnier films out there than this, Highlight, ‘This cloth smells of Death’


7. Deep Red (1975)

Deep Red 1975
IMDB Rating 7.7/10
Director: Dario Argento
Stars: David Hemmings, Daria Nicolodi, Gabriele Lavia, Macha Méril

Argento’s breakthrough movie is still his best Giallo, peeling away the flab from his previous decent efforts in the genre, here from the opening credits sequence we get the glimpse of the italian maestro’s deeply disturbing imagination. Attention to detail is everything and each scene provides a new clue as David Hemmings tries to unravel the murder mystery. providing Dario with the tag ‘the new Hitchcock’ Profondo Rosso served as a stepping stone to his now legendary status as the grand master of Italian horror. Highlight, The skeleton reveal.


6. Kill Baby, Kill (1966)

Kill Baby, Kill 1966
IMDB Rating 7.1/10
Director: Mario Bava
Stars: Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Erika Blanc, Fabienne Dali, Piero Lulli

Also known as ‘Kill Baby Kill’, Mario Bava’s classic is not normally regarded as his finest hour but imo this little gem is the best of a great bunch. Mixing Eerie dialogue, a whirling sense of dread and an almost surreal David Lynch-like atmosphere to the whole thing, Bava’s ability to make a loaf of bread seem ominous is here in full effect and the last half hour is as good as anything the great man had done or would do in his career. Highlight, The Moebius loop dream sequence, genius

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